Sex with my husband

Sex with multiple people is great. I love it. Many hands exploring, many lips in many places, many holes to eat and dicks to suck. Having two or three guys work their magic on me is incredible. Being part of the group working on another guy even more so. But [read more…]

True Sex Story

The Night of 21

Mark emailed me this story and reading it made me wish I was somewhere I could go and rub one out! I certainly will do at some point and I’m looking forward hearing more from Mark. Hi Hunter. Thought I’d submit this. Names and locations have been changed.  In my [read more…]

True Sex Story


I love dares. There’s something about them I find such a turn on. I’d guess it’s because of the sub in me. I don’t sub very often, it’s not part of my relationship with Forrest, and I don’t want it to be, so I only sub if it’s an arranged [read more…]

True Sex Story

BDSM Sub Experience

A guest contributor who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this story and I thought it was not only too good to leave out but so good it should be the first and memorialised as such! Any names and/or locations mentioned have been changed to protect people.     Years [read more…]