So who is Hunter Kincaid? Honestly, who the fuck knows these days! Who knew anyway? Like, I don’t even know me anymore.

I’m not young and I’m not old. I’m out and proud and up for almost anything. Let’s face it, anything is a kink if you want it to be! I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.

If you want to get to know me you’ll find me on the socials or you can use the contact page and ask me a questions. You’ll get an honest answer. It may be blunt. You may not like it.


P.S.  These were my results from

100% Rope bunny 

100% Brat 

100% Exhibitionist 

100% Voyeur 

100% Non-monogamist 

98% Degradee 

94% Experimentalist 

93% Switch 

90% Submissive 

89% Slave 

80% Masochist 

69% Brat tamer 

68% Dominant 

56% Rigger 

45% Primal (Prey) 

44% Master/Mistress 

40% Vanilla 

32% Primal (Hunter) 

19% Pet 

17% Owner 

16% Degrader 

14% Sadist 

0% Boy/Girl 

0% Daddy/Mommy 

0% Ageplayer