Look at wonderful contributors!  If someone is here then they've either been with me since day one or have sent me more than just one or two articles.  If you'd like to write for me then gentle viewers get in touch!  Happy to chat about it and take submissions!

Me first. The sites namesake!

The Bitches of Eastwick

Now say hello to these four handsome cock monsters who took the time to listen to me talk about how great this site could be. Then they said they’d fire some content up here. As the site grows it’ll be them I have to thank. And here’s a secret… I’ve had damn hot sex with one of them and am gonna flirt something manic until I get to do the hot shoe shuffle with the others too! I mean come on, look at them, it’d be heaven!

Everyone I Did Last Summer

Please be upstanding for our other amazing contributors who give so much for nothing in return.