Sex with my husband

Sex with multiple people is great. I love it. Many hands exploring, many lips in many places, many holes to eat and dicks to suck. Having two or three guys work their magic on me is incredible. Being part of the group working on another guy even more so. But [read more…]



Last year I got my first experience of Geared Ireland. As someone who writes about body positivity I don’t mind admitting there are some days where I have issues around my body image. Everyone does, I imagine. Going to Geared alleviated all that. I can honestly say that at an [read more…]

True Sex Story

The Night of 21

Mark emailed me this story and reading it made me wish I was somewhere I could go and rub one out! I certainly will do at some point and I’m looking forward hearing more from Mark. Hi Hunter. Thought I’d submit this. Names and locations have been changed.  In my [read more…]

Image is split into three section. Left is black sold block with the words"Working in porn" at the top and Hunter Kincaid logo at the bottom. Middle secant is to guys sat on a bed, one behind the other. Right section shows two guys kissing.

Working in Porn

On shelf in a collection somewhere, or maybe in a storage box after an office closed down, are four VHS tapes of porn with me as one of the actors. I use the word actor in its loosest term. I had a fair amount of acting experience but nerves took [read more…]


Not so helpful!

Today I am delighted to welcome a new regular feature and contributor to, a resident “Agony Aunt” Ms Dixie Normous. As you’ll see from her first response below, she’s not exactly what anyone would call helpful or even polite but she is honest. You can use the form on [read more…]


The Cuddle

We have a new contributor. Going by the name The Otter (and he is!), here he gives us an insight to a lesson learned about appearance. Speaking personally, the lesson he learns here is one it took me a long time to learn and it’s empowering to hear someone else [read more…]