The Night of 21

Mark emailed me this story and reading it made me wish I was somewhere I could go and rub one out! I certainly will do at some point and I’m looking forward hearing more from Mark.

Hi Hunter.

Thought I’d submit this. Names and locations have been changed. 

In my younger years I had a good body, was outgoing and loved sex. I was happy to fuck or be fucked or just wank with friends. When I say friends I mean anyone really. When I realised how much I loved it and how I was essential willing to pretty much do anything, it just felt natural to make some money as a sex worker.

Let me be clear before I carry on. I wasn’t forced into it in anyway. I went into it willingly and knowing the risks. 

After a few years I knew where I could go to get picked up, I had my number on cards stuck in phone boxes (remember those) and toilets, and after a few years I had a regular customer base.

One night, stood in an area renowned for rent boys, a taxi pulls up and out gets a guy dressed in an army uniform. He approached Neil, one of my friends and a fellow sex worker, and after a while I saw Neil shake his head and point to me.

“Hi. Your friend told me to come and chat to you, I’ve a proposition for you,” he said.
“Go on.”
“I’m an army cadet at Withenham Barracks and we’ve got the next two days off but we can’t leave the barracks…”
“How are you here then?” I interrupted.
“That’s part of why I’m here.”
“We’re all drinking in our hut and have started playing dares. A few of us have been dared to sneak off the base and do some challenges.”
“What’s yours?”
“Well, I have to sneak a male prostitute on to the barracks and into the hut.”
“What happens if we get caught?”
“You’ll be escorted off site and I’ll probably get a reprimand of some sort.”
“How much are you offering?”
“I’ve £100 now and another £100 when we’re in the hut.”
“You’re gonna pay me £200…”
“No, I’m not, we all are, we’ve all put £20 in for the challenges.”
“You’re gonna pay me £200 to come with you on to the barracks and once they’ve seen me as your proof I get to leave?” 
“Lets do it!”

Usually I’d get £50 for a quick shag so £200 was great so I got in the taxi with a smile.

“What your name?” I asked.
“Will.  You?”
“Hi Will. Nice to meet you. How do we get on the barracks?”
“There’s a way in just off the lake that some other cadets told us about. Apparently no one knows about it.”
“That sounds secure for an army base!”
“Oh we all sure the higher ups know about it but they let us off as long as we don’t take the piss.”
“And sneaking a rent boy on to the barracks isn’t taking the piss?”
“Oh fuck, yeah, that reminds me, put this on.”

He hands me an army uniform and a green kit bag to put my ‘civvies’ in. The uniform was too big but not by much.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up on outskirts of the barracks. Will paid the driver and we made our way through some bushes and crawled through a hole in wire fence.

Sneaking in to the barracks was a lot easier than I expected. I thought we’d be crawling on our stomachs or hiding behind buildings but instead, we literally just walked across the grounds, quite casually as though we were supposed to be there. I could tell Will was nervous but I didn’t care, he’d be the one getting in trouble.

A few minutes later we walked into his barracks where 30ish male army cadets were all in various states on sobriety and undress. Mostly with shirts off, some just in boxers, but some still in full uniform. All of them had been drinking and as we walked in there was a giant cheer and Will was getting lots of pats on the back.

“Wait, how do we know he’s a rent boy?” shouted one of the cadets, followed by general murmurs of agreement or laughs and ‘ooooohs.’

It just so happened, in my pocket in my clothes in the bag, I had a few cards that I used to leave in phone boxes, so I grabbed one and passed it around. After this came bigger cheers and I was offered a drink and the rest of my money. After about twenty minutes I decided it was time to go when another squaddie offered me another bottle of beer and said I could stay and hang around with them if I wanted. I’d already earned as much as if I’d had four clients that night so the offer of free booze and a night with hunky squaddies was not something I was going to turn down, so I took another drink. As I did the squaddie shouted “The rent boy is staying!” and everyone cheered. 

“You can call me Mark.”
“Sorry man, I didn’t think,” he replied, “Mark is staying.”

I carried on drinking and it wasn’t long before someone shouted “Ok, next challenge!” and everyone cheered. A bag was passed to the one end of the room and it turned out it was filed with piece of paper with their names on. The deal was a name was pulled out and they decided the challenge and didn’t have to take part. Once the challenge was done the name was put back in. The bag was passed to Will who pulled out some paper and announced “Simon!” and again, everyone cheered.

“CLOTHES SWAP!” shouted Simon.

All the cadets had to quickly pair up and then swap clothes with the person they’d paired with. All clothes, including underwear. A cadet stood next to me and said “You’re here, you can join in, and that’s my gear you’re wearing.”
“Mark,” I said as I offered my hand.
“Paul,” he said shaking it.

A whistle blew and everyone stripped and swapped clothes. It turned out the best people to swap with the ones wearing the least clothes as the last couple to finishing swapping had to do two shots of a short of their choice. With Paul only in shorts and a vest, literally just shorts and a vest, and my uniform being too big it was easier enough for us to swap and so we weren’t last.

The night went on with more challenges and dares that including running around the outside of the hut naked, fastest fifty push ups and something they called ‘bar olympics’ where each person had to find a bar and hang from it. First to touch the floor lost.

“Chris!” Was the next name shouted from the bag and Chris announced he wanted to talk to me first and over he came.
“You get paid for sex?”
“So a kiss, how much is that?”
“You can have a kiss for free given that Will has already paid me £200 to be here.”
“What about everyone here?”
“A kiss from everyone?”
“Go for it.”
“Awesome!” He exclaimed. 
“Right guys, listen up. Mark here has agreed to take part in this challenge for me. Every one here has to kiss Mark for thirty seconds. With tongues! Don’t do it and it’s shots. Mark will decide who passes and who fails. Fail and it’s shots. Now, line up in front of Mark!”

Sure enough, one by one, apart from around five of the guys, they all started lining up and all of them kissed me. No one failed.

Once they were all done Chris handed me another bottle of beer and thanked me. Then said “Wait, are you hard?”

“I’ve just been kissed by numerous hot squaddies, of course I’m fucking hard!”

Grabbing my crotch Chris shouted “MARK IS HARD! YOU ALL DID GOOD!” and there was yet another cheer and some laughter. 

“Prove it!” shouted Will. So I stood on the bed and dropped the shorts I was wearing to show my hard cock. More cheers.

The night carried on, as did the drinking. A squaddie approached me “You got paid for tonight?”

“How much?”
“Will have me £200.”
“I’ll give you another £100 if you go ahead with what I’m about to announce.”
“What is it?”

He told me and after some thought, genuinely, I said yes. Turns our his name had just been pulled from the bag. Myself and some others had noticed as we were talking at the opposite end of the room and, thanks to the drinking, the cheers had died down.

“Right, everyone ready for this? I think there will be quiet a few shots taken with this one.”

There were some cheers and some boos.

“Flip a coin. Heads you fuck Mark for two minutes, tails he sucks you off for two minutes. If you cum he gets to fuck you.”

There were general murmurs of disproval but then someone shouted “COME ON!” and eventually there was a circle around me. 

Over the next 45 minutes 16 guys fucked me and 5 got their cock sucked. The others all took double shots.

I was hot. Fucking hot! I very much wanted someone to cum, not so I could fuck them but because seeing/feeling a guy cum is something I enjoy and turns me on. To be fair, the entire night had been a big turn on and this was just amazing. 21 hot squaddies all fucking me or getting sucked.

After this challenge there was a general lull and people sat around talking. The squaddie who set the challenge came over, introduced himself as Steve, and asked if he could have a word with me in private so we moved to another side of the room.

“Another challenge?”
“No mate, I was just wanted to say thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“And look, the others guys don’t know, but I’m bi. I’m not out. I wondered if we could go someone private and have some fun? As I set the challenge I didn’t get to take part.”

Laughing I said yes, and we agreed that when the night was over he’d ‘escort’ me off the base. Of course that point we’d have sex and I was very much looking forward to it.

Sat there, chatting with different groups there was just a general murmur of conversation going on when I very drunk squaddie came over to the group I was with.
“You’re a good cock sucker!” he announced.
“Thank you,” I replied with a smile.
“Yeah, I’ve been rock hard since you sucked me.”
“I need to finish.”
“Wanna help?” and as he said that he whipped out his cock.

Obviously I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. The other guys we were sat with started cheering and eventually we were surrounded by many of the other guys. The squaddie I was sucking was grunting and it had the desired (for me anyway) effect on some of the others guys and they started getting the cocks out and wanking near me. Of course I started sucking each of them in turn. Eventually the first guy, who’d been wanking since I stopped sucking, pulled my head back to his cock and shot his load down my throat. 

More guys joined, all of them wanking, while I was on my knees going from cock to cock, sucking as much as I could. 

Suddenly I felt someone behind me. Looking I saw it was Steve and he was pulling me shorts down. He spat on his cock and pushed it into my hole. As I sucked off guys he fucked me ass eventually shooting his load deep inside me. As he pulled out someone else took over and used Steves cum as lube.

After what felt like all night but was probably only five minutes, my face was covered in cum and my ass was filled. I couldn’t tell you how many loads were in or on me.

Someone shouted “Three cheers for Mark!” and Will offered me shower gel and a towel then showed me the showers were.

While showering I was joined by Steve. “You didn’t cum?”
“Actually I did.”
He undressed and got in the shower. “Ready to go again?”

He got to his knees and started sucking my cock, then came up back up and we kissed. He turned me around and fucked me again, reaching around to wank me off as I did. We both shot our loads, me on the shower floor, him inside me, and he kissed the back of my neck as he pulled out.  Although he said he wasn’t out I think the others guy knew what was going on as no one came in and when we came out there were ‘knowing’ looks.

I had to put Pauls uniform back on to leave the barracks and Steve took me back to where we’d came in. “How will you get home?”
“I’ll call a taxi.”
“Here,” he said, handing me another £100 and an unopened bottle of Jack Daniel’s. “You’ve earned it.”
“Thank you,” I said, and handed him one of my cards. “Let me know if you want to hook up sometime. There won’t be a charge for you.”

Changing back and handing him the bag I started to walk down the road.

I never heard from him or anyone else from the barracks again.

I have other stories which I’m happy to share, just let me know.

Thanks Hunter,


YES MARK! We wanna hear more!

Thanks for sharing.

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