Sex with my husband

Sex with multiple people is great. I love it. Many hands exploring, many lips in many places, many holes to eat and dicks to suck. Having two or three guys work their magic on me is incredible. Being part of the group working on another guy even more so.

But sex with my husband. Well, that’s a different story.

My husband and I have been together over twenty years and are still very much in love. We’re open with our sexual adventures but we have our rules and they work well. They keep us together. We are each others lives. He is my reason for being.

Sex with other people is great. Whether its one on one or in groups. Sex with my husband is fucking amazing. We have that connection with each other that we don’t have with other people. Even during sessions when we’re with others our connection is still there and we ensure both of us are enjoying what we’re doing. I’d go as far as saying our pleasure is more important than anyone else’s in the room, but, of course, we’d never let them know that.

And when it’s just us, we both seem to want to make sure we’re both enjoying it.

Photo by Harsh Gupta

Morning sex happens often in our house. I wake up early and potter around the house. I’ve always woken early. No matter what time I go to bed, be it 11pm, midnight, 3am, whatever, I will always be awake around 6ish. As I write this it’s 5.30am.

So I potter, have a cup of tea and after sorting the animals and maybe doing small bits of work I go back to bed.

He’s still asleep and is lightly* snoring. Even in his sleep and cocooned in the quilt he looks beautiful and I know I’m the luckiest guy alive to have such an amazing man to call my husband, who also happens to be as hot as fuck with a huge duck!

So I get back into bed and lay on my side, my back towards him, and I shuffle closer. He stirs and moves into fit the curve of my body. I can feel his soft cock against the crack of my ass.

We both sleep naked so there’s no struggle with removing underwear or pyjamas.

He wraps his arms around me and and pulls me close and as he does I can feel his cock start to get hard. So does mine.

He strokes all over my body and then starts playing with my nipples. My nipples are my most sensitive area. If a guy starts playing with my cock and nipples I can cum in seconds! Thankfully I have a little bit of control over this otherwise we’d be in trouble!

We’re both gently rocking in to each other and there’s a soft moaning coming from our lips. After more stroking and exploring we’re both rock hard, my average cock standing to attention, his huge monster pressing against my hole.

Even after all these years I still get amazed and scared at how big his cock is. And of course, I love it.

He applies some lube to his cock and my ass and then slowly pushes the tip in. I can’t help but wince and moan. It hurts but it’s a good hurt. It’s just a sting that’ll pass because I know that in a few moments he’ll be deep inside me and there will be no pain. It hurts but it doesn’t hurt, if that makes sense.

Sure enough, with a final thrust, I feel his cock fill my entire ass and we both give out a moan. I start to rock back and forth and we both moan some more.

He hands are exploring my body as his cock slides in and out. He plays with my nipples and fuck me it feels good!

These days I top as much as I bottom but there is something about having my husbands cock deep inside me that makes me just want to be his total bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I love sliding deep inside him and hearing him moan. My cock may be average but it works well and fits inside him perfectly. It can also stay hard for hours for some reason, even after I’ve cum.

But right now, he’s inside me. It’s deep and he is thrusting. Changing from hard pounding to soft slow strokes.

I reach round and my hands feel his stomach or his ass or whatever part of his hot stunning body I can reach. His hands are still exploring me.

He shifts back and with him still inside me I slowly roll on to my back. He lifts my legs as I arch my back and suddenly he’s deeper inside me than he was before and I can feel his cock growing.

His thrust gets harder and his hands start wanking my cock. I tell him to stop as it’s gonna make me cum but he doesn’t and I soon find out why. His pounding gets harder and I shoot ropes of cum from my cock, his cock fills my ass with his cum. It’s intense and my pleasure sensors are exploding all over my body.

We lie there, me soaked in sweat and cum, him still inside me and we wait for our breathing to go back to normal, before he pulls out and we embrace and kiss.

It’s glorious. It’s more than sex. It’s pure, unadulterated emotion.

Sex with my husband is this best sex I’ve ever had.

(*Lightly makes a change!)

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