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Today I am delighted to welcome a new regular feature and contributor to, a resident “Agony Aunt” Ms Dixie Normous.

As you’ll see from her first response below, she’s not exactly what anyone would call helpful or even polite but she is honest. You can use the form on her page (or at the end of this post) to submit your problem or question.

Dear Dixie,

I’ve been seeing a guy for about three months. He’s hot and the sex is great but the conversation is non-existent. He’s boring. He took me out for dinner last week, he paid, and trying to talk to him was like pulling teeth! He’s two years older than me and by all account highly intelligent but I just feel like I need someone I can talk to as well as fuck. Should I end it with him?

Confused, 27.

Darling Confused,

Could it be that the reason he doesn’t talk to you is because you’re not that interesting or worthy of his time? If he’s as intelligent as you think maybe you’re not on his level and he struggles to speak to you because you’re stupid?

Yes, end it with him. He deserves better.



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