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Dear Dixie,

I’ve been invited to two parties! They’re both on different nights and I really want to go to both. The problem is, the invites have come from the two different guys I’m seeing. Neither of them know about each other and over the last few months I’ve been agonising over which one to leave and which one to stay with. They’re both amazing guys and I’d be happy with either of them. I think whichever party I go to will be the one of the guy I’m going to stay with but how do I choose?

Please help me.

David, 22.
Southampton, UK.

Hi David,

Both parties will be shit as I haven’t been invited to either of those.



P.S. They’ve done this on purpose as they both know about each other and you’re fucked. Find a third and take him to the party that will have better food and entertainment.

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