The Ryan Bones Man Squeeze from Doc Johnson

I’ve never owned a Fleshlight. I’ve never seen the need. My hand and a bit of lube seem perfectly good at doing what’s needed when I’m alone, so why would I bother?

Well, after a conversation with a friend and wanting to try something new I decided to invest in one. There’s quite the market for them with many porn stars putting their name to these and similar products. I genuinely question whether some of these actors have ever seen the products they’re promoting. I doubt Lady Gaga ever saw the Bad Romance musical electric toothbrush I bought.

I trawled the internet looking at the different ones and found most of them were moulded to look like a vagina. I’m sure they’d do the same job but it wasn’t something I wanted to look at. Also, did they actually cover a vag in silicone to get a mould?

Looking at the different male ones I finally purchased the Ryan Bones Man Squeeze. I’ll be honest I bought it because it was the cheapest. Yes Ryan Bones is hot and if he was here right now I’d be on my knees or maybe bending him over, or more likely begging him to pound me, but he’s only adorning my Man Squeeze packaging because it was on offer online.

It arrived and taking it out the box it looked a lot like a travel mug. Useful I suppose if it falls out of a bag or something. It’ll end up as one of those “if you know you know” memes.

I unscrewed the lid and obviously had to give the “ULTRASKYN” a good feel and then, of course, slip my finger in. The sensation was weird. The hole was modelled on the ass of Ryan Bones and if that’s what his skin feels like then I’m kinda worried for him. Like the vagina, did they cover his ass in silicone, or whatever, to mould it  and get the ass imprint? I have visions of gorgeous Ryan lying face down with someone saying “Now, just lie still for about thirty minutes while that sets!” Oh how I wish I could have been the person covering that ass in Vaseline!

All that aside it was time to go in. Literally.

Lubed up and cock in hand I pushed the tip into the ass and it felt… well it didn’t feel like ass but it wasn’t unpleasant.

So I pushed my average sized dick fully into this fleshlight and gave it a few strokes. Then I stopped. I had to. This was one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had while alone. I shit you not, just a few strokes and I could feel my cock twitch and my balls getting ready to fire at will.

I started again but took it slowly. The speed did nothing to lessen the intense feelings.

I got to the point where my brain said “Hunter, you’re about to cum!” and now I was left with the question of do I cum inside this thing or do I whip it out and come on myself? I was intrigued to find out just how much this was going to make me cum so decided to pull out and let it flow. Sadly the time it took for my brain to process this information and make the decision was too long for my balls and cock to wait. Before I could whip my dick out of the fleshlight I’d lost my load inside it. It was a genuinely s stomach-crunching toe-curling experience of intense pleasure!

I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the first time I’ve used one or if the weird yet effective interior that made the feelings so intense but I look forward to finding out next time!

Obviously the next time Forrest and I got down and dirty I gave him a taste of Ryan’s ass. Of course I’d cleaned it first which is real easy to do as the whole thing comes apart.

Same as me, he made me stop. And then we started again. And then took a break.

The moans coming from him as he was getting himself off with the fleshlight while my tongue was up his ass were amazing. As someone who loves to hear a man moan hearing him was enough to make cum! When Forrest was close he whipped off the fleshlight just in time and shot his load over my arm, his stomach, my face, my chest. It was the biblical flood all over again and we were the rainbows!

Suffice to say, Ryan’s ass will now become a semi-permanent fixture in our bedroom, whether we’re together or having self-love! Thank you Doc Johnson!

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