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I love dares. There’s something about them I find such a turn on. I’d guess it’s because of the sub in me. I don’t sub very often, it’s not part of my relationship with Forrest, and I don’t want it to be, so I only sub if it’s an arranged hook-up with a dom.

Dares, although often tame (for me) form a control. If you’re willing to do whatever is suggested, then you’re being controlled. Obviously with dares you have the option to say no, but if you’re playing the game properly, not only should you not say no, but those you’re playing with should know your limits in the game.

Dares can be a lot of fun and I’d like to tell you about one dare I had, years ago, that I still think about today.

It was 1999 and I was living in the Midlands in the UK. I lived alone but my partner would stay over every now and then. We had an open relationship, but it was respectful. We didn’t just have random spur of the moment hook-ups, we asked each others permission and made sure we were okay with it. We knew the guys we were hooking up with as they were never random one nighters – not solo stuff anyway. These didn’t happen often as we had a few friends, singles and couples, that had become our fuck buddies. Or friends with benefits to put it politely.

One night, at my house, after enjoying a takeaway and drinks with two of those ‘couples with benefits’, the conversation turned to dares. Will, my partner, and one of the couples knew my feelings about dares as we’d played Truth or Dare several times and as such Chris chipped in with “Look, I’m all for playing Truth or Dare but there’s very little Hunter won’t do.”

After much discussion and the regaling of stories of past dares the playing cards were set in the middle of the table and the game began.

The rules were this:
– All players take a card from the top of the pack, oldest going first.
– The player with the lowest card (ace being low) may choose a truth question or a dare. If two or more players have the same low card, they both take a question or a dare but they have to agree to do the same. One can’t do a dare while the other answers a truth!
– The player with the highest card asks the question or chooses the dare. If two or more players have the same high card, they both ask a question or think of a dare.
– Play continues until all the cards are used

We went through the first deck with many risqué truths and some very tame dares – show your ass, swap clothes, kiss someone that’s not your partner. Things that seemed very light given that all six of us had fucked either as group or individually.

The drink had flowed, the deck was shuffled, and we played again.

Eventually I got the lowest card along with Will. Before he could say anything I shouted “DARE!” He tried to protest but the others wouldn’t let him.

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Paul had the highest card and a wide grin appeared on his face. “You know the roundabout at the bottom of this road? You two have to go fuck on it. We’ll watch from the other side of the road. We need to hear moans and groans and afterwards you need to prove it happened!”
“No way!” said Will.
“Oh come on!” I said, “it’s a nice warm night and the roundabout is covered in trees, we’ll be fine!”
“Okay but how the fuck do we prove it?” he asked.
“Oh, I can think of a few ways!”

Paul, as the designated driver, hadn’t been drinking so we all squeezed into his fiesta – and it was a squeeze – and drove to the bottom of the road. We could have walked but it was at least twenty minutes and we were all eager, well most of us, to get this dare done.

Once a car had past Will and I ran over to the middle of the roundabout. I dropped my trousers, he lubed himself up and we fucked. Simple as that really.

It was raw and fast and I found his highly erotic! Him fucking me out in the open made me so hard! “Let me know when you’re getting close,” I said, “but don’t cum!” He grunted a response. Sex with Will had always been good, he knew how to please whether he was fucking me or I was fucking him. Right now I was in heaven!
“I’m getting close!” he said.
“Okay, just stop but leave it in,” I said.

I looked over to where the others were. They could only just see us, in fact, it was probable they could see Will as he was stood up but I was bent over so he could fuck me, so they may not have seen me.

“You lot!” I shouted, “You want proof you need to get over here!”

Like snot sliding off an oiled shovel they ran over, and we carried on fucking. Before long Will shot his load and filled me ass. I pulled off him and told him to get on his knees then I wanked and shot over his face.

With a smile I turned to Paul and said “There’s your proof! Dare complete!”

We got a round of applause and Chris said “I told you! I told you there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do!”
“Oh, we’ll see about that!” said Will wiping cum off his face with my tee-shirt, “I haven’t had my turn yet!”

But that story is for another time.

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