Life’s a Beach

I lay back and let the heat from the sun wash over my body. This was my first holiday in over four years and I was determined to enjoy it. I had planned on other holidays but due to lack of money they have never come off. It would have helped if my ex had been in work and not scrounging off the dole for most of our relationship. It was this fact that lead to our break up and after a few months of being single I was happy to be so, and determined to enjoy my new found solo lifestyle.

I’d decided that a gay resort was out the question. I wasn’t looking for unwanted attention but instead just wanted to relax and enjoy myself without having to think about anyone else. And I include not have to think about impressing guys I might want to hook up with. I just wanted let get and not have a care. I trawled the internet looking for the ideal destination and in the end I went for a secluded beach house in Florida. America was far enough away from home for me to not to be bothered by work or any thing else and at least they spoke English so I wouldn’t have to struggle with the language barrier. Languages weren’t my thing. I always tried to learn the basics if I was travelling to another country but it never get further than that.

Although there was only me I ended up renting a three bedroom beach front house as it was the only one in the area that had a private pool. The website had shown a gym in the basement as well which would be useful as I’d always had to watch my weight. Growing up I was a chubby child and I was in my late twenties before I decided to do anything about it. Now, in my late thirties, I has to work hard to keep on top of it. Being newly single I had no idea if the gay dating scene was still a cess pit of judgement so just in case I’d need to keep working hard to ensure I didn’t pile on the kilos.

Due to the long flights and a five hour time difference it was nearly 2am when I finally pulled up in the rental car to the house that would be my home for next six weeks. Six weeks was excessive and expensive but I hadn’t had a holiday in four years and could afford it I didn’t have the ex taking every penny off me! He was hot but man, get a job!

Six weeks meant I could have a week to get in to the holiday mood and relax enough to start to forget about home and work and working for myself gave me the freedom to take off as long as I wanted just as long as the staff I had could manage any issues. I’d got my laptop with me anyway so could deal with any work problems if they happened. Hopefully they wouldn’t.

With my bags dumped in the hall I had a good look around the place with a beer in my hand. `My first holiday beer’ I thought and a smile spread across my face.

Outside it was still warm, event at 2am, so I sat out and finished my beer, opening the second one I bought out with me knowing I’d finish the first. I noticed the pool certainly was secluded which suited me down to ground as I was looking forward to get an all over tan. I was tempted to try the pool there and then but I was tired so after finishing the second beer I headed to bed.

When I woke up the sun was glorious and I made my way to the beach and started my first day of soaking up the sun. I didn’t really pay attention the other people on the beach or the person
who had set his towel not far from me.

“Enjoying the sun?” he asked.
“Yeah. It’s my first day,” I replied.
“I thought I didn’t recognise you. You staying there?” he said pointing to
my house.
“For now.”
“You bought it or just renting?”
“I’m on holiday. Is it for sale then?”
“I don’t know, never seen anyone there. I’m renting next door. Maybe I’ll see you around,” he said and he headed off towards the water. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he winked.

He seemed friendly which was a good sign if I was going to be living next door to him for a week. He also seemed to be around my age and obviously looked after himself if his body was anything to go by. I hoped all this mean he was going to be a peaceful neighbour. I hadn’t heard anything this morning so fingers crossed there were no kids around.

A while later and on the verge of burning I decided to take a dip in my private pool. I’d never been a fan of the sea but loved the beach and swimming so a beach house and a pool were my idea of heaven.

Now I was in my own private space it was time to start working on the all over tan so I removed my shorts. There is something about the feel of being naked outside that makes a person feel free.

The water in the pool wasn’t warm but it was far from cold and as the water swept around me I finally felt myself really start to relax. I floated around on my back, head bobbing up and down in the water. I didn’t hear him approached but as I opened my eyes there was my neighbour stood at the edge of the pool!

I immediately dipped under the water and back up, hoping the clear blue liquid would somehow hide my vulnerability.

“Hi!” I said.
“Hi. Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you or sneak up. I did call out but I
don’t think you heard me,” he replied.
“No, I didn’t!”
“I just wondered what you were doing later?”
“I’ve no idea.”
“Well I’m at a loose end if you fancy a drink?”
“Yeah okay, sounds good, look why don’t you come round here. I may as well
get my full use of the place.”
“Okay. See you around 8?”
“See you then.”
“Say, what’s your name?” he asked.
“Duncan,” I replied, “You?”
“Paul.” He kneeled down to shake my hand and I was sure he was checking me out. “See you later,” he said as he left.

By 7.30pm I had showered and shaved and right on time he arrived at 8pm.

After an hour or so of drinking and talking about our lives I knew a lot more about him.

He was a writer and had hired the beach house to finish his latest book. He wasn’t well known but made enough to hire the house yet still taught a writing skills class back in his home town of Manhattan.

He was single and had been for just over three years after his last relationship ended. “We fell out of love” he’d said, “so they left.”

The ‘they’ felt like it was left hanging in the air. You only say they if you’re hiding their sexuality or, as was the case these days, they went by they or them. So if it was woman he’d have said ‘her’ surely. Saying ‘they’ is telling me they’re queer. Wasn’t it?

After a pause that felt like forever he spoke again.
“Fancy a swim?”
“Yeah if you want. I’ll go put some shorts on.”
“Why? You didn’t have them on earlier. I don’t have mine.”
“Fair enough,” I said.

Even when I was fat I was never embarrassed by my own nudity or that of others. We came into the world naked and we’ll leave it the same way. It’s the one outfit we all own and it looks good on anyone. Being naked with a stranger wasn’t something I had an issue with.

We took beers out with us and undressed by the side of the pool. Now I could get a better look at him his body was amazing. Define and broad chested with warm coating of hair across his pecs. When he dropped his shorts he caught me looking but if his cock was flaccid then it was going to be huge when hard!

We sat in the pool drinking our beers and the conversation eventually turned to sex.

“So when was the last time you screwed?” he asked.
“I had a one night stand two weeks ago, other than it’s probably been about
four months!”
“So you jerk off a lot then?” he asked laughing.
“About once a day,” I said and I could see he hadn’t expected me to answer.
“Another beer?”
“Yeah, there in the fridge inside.” As he got out I noticed his cock was hard. “Sex talk got you excited?” I said trying to embarrass him.
“It’s been nine months since I was inside a hot guy, just the thought of
jerking off is enough to make my cock stand to attention!”
“Inside a guy? So you’re gay?”
“Yeah. Hadn’t you realised?”
“No, but I was starting to think given some of the things you’d said.:
“Well I’m not totally out so I’m just used to talking that way. You’re not gonna out me are you?”
“Well I don’t know anyone you know but also it depends what’s in it for me!” I said jokingly.
“If you promise not to tell anyone I’ll suck your cock when I come back
with the beers.”

My mouth fell open. Here I was on my first proper night of my holiday and I’d already pulled an adonis.

A few minutes later he returned with the beers and handed me mine as he stepped back into the pool. Nothing wasn’t said about his offer or his hard cock and instead the conversation turned to the local area with him telling me what was about. In the end I couldn’t resist mentioning it though.

“So, I promise not to tell,” I said hoping he’d get the hint.
“Then you’d better get out and lie on the sun lounger as I can’t breathe
underwater for all that long,” he replied.

I did as he’d said and lay back. Instinctively I closed my eye and waited. I felt his smooth hand run along the inside of my leg from my ankle up towards my thigh.

“Nice meaty legs,” he said, “you must run a lot.”
“I work out daily.”

As his hand reach the top of my leg I felt him cupping my balls and then I felt his tongue lick the tip of my now solid cock. He licked my shaft up and down before wrapping his lips around it and while holding the base of my cock he slowly moved his head up and down. Every now and then he’d stopped moving and just held it there in his mouth but keeping his tongue moving, then he’d pull off and lick my balls while slowly rubbing my cock up and down.

I moaned in pleasure and he made some comment about me obviously liking what he was doing.

“You need to stop or I’m gonna cum!” I said.
“Then how about we swap roles?”

I didn’t have to move, he just moved up to the head of the lounger, grabbed my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked but had to stop more than he did with me because his huge cock was making me gag. He bent down as he fucked my mouth and with one hand on my head, forcing his cock in my mouth, his hand other hand was wanking my furiously.

“No, enough, stop, I’m gonna cum!” I said, trying to get him to stop.

He moved back between my legs, spat into his hand and rubbed it around the head of his stiff cock.

“You ready?”
“Fuck me!” I said, “fuck me now!”
“I need you inside me! Right now!”

He pushed the tip of his cock into my ass and I thought I was going to ripped apart but the pain/pleasure barrier had been passed and any pain I felt was being masked by his hand on my cock and his cock pushing deeper in my ass.

“You like that?”
“Yeah! Harder!”
“Man your ass is so tight!”

His fucking grew stronger and I could feel his balls bashing against me and his cock pushed further into my ass. We moaned and groaned together as the ramming became rhythmic.

“I’m. Gonna. Cum,” I managed to get out and as I did he thrust himself deeper into me and start ramming me hard like he was trying to split me in two. I felt his cock pulse inside me and said his stomach tighten as he filled my ass with cum. At the same time my own cock exploded shooting streams of cum over his stomach and chest.

He collapsed on top of me, still inside me, and we lay there for a while trying to come back to earth.

We showered and headed to bed where we made love again and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning I awoke alone and after showering and dressing I found a note in the kitchen.

‘Thanks for last night. I had a great time. I’m need to work working for the day but will be free later tonight it you fancy “drinks” again. Px”

I’ll spending the day sunbathing I think and in the afternoon I might go shopping for some lube.

All sex fiction posted here is exactly that. Fiction! Any resemblance to people living, dead or undead, is purely a coincidence. If you want to discuss anything in this story you can take it up with the author.

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