Hello world!

“Hello world!”

The first two words posted on any new WordPress installation.  Most, well those who know what they’re doing, get rid of the auto-entry and write their own first entry.  That’s those people who are using it for a blog anyway. Many use WordPress for Websites.

So which of those will this be?

Well, kinda both. The blog feature will be used by me and by other authors to write about sex. It could be a sex positive story, it could be our favourite porn studio or maybe even a story from our past.

As the site grows and the ideas develop pages may be added that display or list things – who knows. Suggestions are always welcome and you can use the Contact Me page to give you amazing suggestions.

This first entry will probably disappear from the ether before long, as it moves down the line as more and more posts get added, but hopefully all those that come after it will far more entertaining and may a little naughty!

Until then, welcome to HunterKincaid.com.

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