A Trip to Geared Ireland

I was going to write a big long post about the weekend and all it entailed. I was subbing for the weekend for my Dom and it involved attending Geared in Dublin. Instead of telling you what I got up, which I will do one day, I’d like to talk just about Geared.

Describing itself as “Ireland’s largest and longest running fetish gear club night for the kink community” I wasn’t expecting what I actually got.

As we arrived it was quiet enough but it was early so I expected it to pick up. I wasn’t wrong. Come midnight the place was jumping! You’re probably saying to yourself something like “of course it was, it was a club night, it was bound to get busy!

Well it’s not the busy that impressed me. It’s the clientele. Yes, it was a fetish gear night so I expected to see people in leather or rubber, and maybe the odd sports kit, but I expected them to be muscle gods with harnesses on, in chaps or jocks, showing off their amazing physique. Well they were there, but so were many guys just like me, on the large size, wearing whatever the fuck they wanted, because this was a place for them to feel safe in that attire and not feel judged.

And boy did I not feel judged! I felt objectified sometimes. But in a good way! In a way I found totally acceptable.

I was wearing a rainbow kilt, white prowler socks with red paws on them, heavy black boots and grey bracers. No top. My chest, belly and ink was on show for all to see. So was my ass if anyone cared to lift the kilt, which they didn’t. Thankfully.

A while back I was at an event when I went outside for a smoke. This time I was in a black kilt and a drunken girl walked past and giggled and yelled “woo hoo!” as she lifted my kilt up. I pointed out that if I’d done that to her it’d be a very different story but she couldn’t accept it and just walked off laughing.

Image shows text saying consent is sexyI’ve said before and I’ll say it again, consent is sexy, and at Geared every single person I kissed or hugged (and there was a few) asked first. Consent!

No one forced themselves on me, no one just flung themselves at me, each and every person asked for permission to either hug or kiss me. It was uplifting. One guy came over and said “I have no agenda but you’re the hairiest and hottest guy I’ve seen here. Can I just have a hug?” Blushing, I obliged.

Now, in my opinion I was far from the hottest guy there, but we each have own types so if he thought I was the hottest then so be it, who am I to argue. But lets face it, I’m stunning!

Seeing so many guys just being themselves, not competing for the best fashions or dance moves, not trying to get the most attention, just being who they wanted to be was amazing.

The place offers a small changing area so you don’t have to go in your outfit, you can go in your civvies and change into your fetish gear there. The cloakroom to store your clothes is free and it’s only a tenner in. A tenner for great company in a good venue with private smoking area and fantastic music is exceptional value.

And talking of fantastic music, a silly quick story for you. The DJ played his last track and announced the closing of the bar. He thanked everyone and then said “And if anyone wants to buy me a drink I’m on cider.” So off I went to the bar and bought him a cider. Taking it over he smiled, said thank you and then said “Wait, you’re Hunter!”
“Nice to meet you. I’ve been talking to Forrest!”

The very fact he recognised me was lovely, especially given that Forrest wasn’t with me, and it made me even more glad I’d taken the drink over. He was a great DJ, with some brilliant tracks and a smile to die for!

We left Geared as it closed and outside I got another kiss and hug and more compliments.

Back in the hotel I went to sleep with a big grin on my face and slept well.

Geared is done now for 2022 but they’ll be back in 2023 and I hope I see some of you there. I’m gonna be at all of them from now and with Forrest or my Dom by my side I know I’m gonna have an amazing night.

Thanks to everyone who helped but the night on. Their voluntary work and dedicated is VERY much appreciated.

Image Source: https://www.gearedireland.ie ©Geared Ireland.

Geared is Ireland’s largest and longest running fetish gear club night for the kink community. Based in Fibber Magee’s night club since 2013 we offer a full, late bar, a private smoking area and cloakroom facilities. All kinksters are invited, and all fetish gear is welcome. This is a voluntary effort and not for profit, allowing us to keep the admission price low.

Our policy is to encourage diversity, inclusion and mutual respect

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